Scam Alert – One Ring

A new phone scam is on the rise and regardless of your technical ability it can get you!

According to the BBB, this scam is being called “One Ring”.  The scammer calls random phones, but before it has a chance to ring on your end they hang up in hopes when you call them back.  Sounds innocent enough right?  How often do we get called by random phone numbers in an age where most people would rather send a text than leave a voicemail we call them back to see who it was… they have you!… Read more

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Malware Warning – Death Notification

A fake funeral announcement email is making the rounds with a very speaking malware infection attached.  You’ll typically receive something from “The Amos Family” or “Eubank Funeral Home” claiming they have more information regarding a memorial service that may interest you.

The link goes directly to a compromised server run by the Asprox botnet, which will ultimately give access to your system via the Kuloz or dofoil Trojan horse.

There is and most likely be more variants of this message so please look out for these type of morbid deceptions.  There’s a screenshot of what a similar message looks like.  Please forward to your staff so they don’t possibly open this clever malware attempt.… Read more

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