Content Intelligence- What and Why Does It Matter to Marketers?

Content Intelligence- What and Why Does It Matter to Marketers?

In today’s digital landscape, marketers are looking for innovative ways like content intelligence to reach out to their target audience. Consequently, our digital world comprises shared content and includes about 70 million blog content published on WordPress sites every month, 1.3 million pieces of information uploaded on social media platforms such as Facebook every minute, and approximately 300 hours of video content shared on YouTube every 60 seconds. As a digital marketer, you are faced with a challenge— how to identify relevant information from loads of content. This is where the importance of content intelligence comes into play. It uses software and systems to transform information into actionable insights. This process helps marketers and marketing teams to determine which content is adding more value to users and why it is making its mark on the internet.

Content That Engages is Useful for Your Audience

Information that does not lead to customer response is no good. We are not saying that every blog post or a how-to article will result in a download or generate a lead, but there are tools to indicate whether your content marketing efforts are paying off or not. Things such as likes, comments, and shares certainly show whether the information you have churned out has impressed your audience or not. With content intelligence, you can break down information according to its format, type, narrative construction, and emotions. Taking insights from them will help you create content that is more informative and useful for your readers.

Information That Turns into Positive Responses

Today, customers are bombarded with information before they buy a product or service. Our browsing habits, and the products we click on and add to the shopping cart reveal a lot about our tastes, preferences, and purchasing decisions. Content intelligence sieves the information and presents it before marketers to understand which content turns into positive responses from customers. It helps you focus on things like the length of your guest post, how appealing it looks, and when is the right time to publish it for your readers to solve their problems.

Articles that Answers Your Audience’s Questions

What is smart content? It is a possible answer or solution to your readers’ problems. Your customers want answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. They want to know how your content can make their lives simpler, better, smarter. To make your content click, you must understand who your customers are, what they like, and what they are looking for. This is the best way to figure out which information is useful and which is not.
The best quality content is relevant information that solves your customers’ problems; and content intelligence helps you understand emerging trends and opportunities based on customer psychographics, attitudes, and demographics. This way, you know whom to reach out, with what information, and when. If you want to learn more about creating smart content, contact us today.

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