Pokemon Go – The Incredible Business of Creating Trends

Pokemon Go – The Incredible Business of Creating Trends

Ever thought there could be anything but economy that could divide the world into the haves and the have-nots? Well, that’s happening right now, as Niantic makes Pokemon Go available in a few countries, leaving out the rest. If you are in the lucky ‘haves’ part of the world, you know how addictive the game is. If you are in the other lesser-fortunate ‘hemisphere’, you wish you could get addicted. Either way, Pokemon Go is BIG and it’s hard not to get affected by its presence or its absence thereof.

But if you are a business, you got to come out of this parallel universe of PokeStops, Gyms, and Pokemon trainers, and learn about a few ‘lures’ that might come handy in your business. Yes.

To begin with, despite being the coolest game ever, Pokemon Go is hardly original in the concepts that it utilizes. But what made it an instant-hit was its approach and its attempt at packaging a few well-loved concepts into one single game.

Lesson one — originality is important, but smartness makes all the difference.

Here are a few more things that you gotta learn from the success of Pokemon Go:

Packaging Old Ideas in a New Way

Augmented reality is not a new idea and has been discussed extensively for almost a decade. However, Pokemon Go was the first to implement the technology and effectively blur the lines between the off-line and the online world, creating an altogether unheard of experience. The game combines all the latest gaming trends, such as multiplayer, geo-location, interactivity and augmented reality to provide a unique product to players.

Lesson Two: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. In the context of your business, you can simply create a confluence of a few great ideas and have the recipe of a revolution.

Rules of Trend Creation

Trends are created when the right combination of elements come together and any trend watcher in the business would have been able to predict the coming of an app or game similar to Pokemon Go. The mix of human requirements and technology generated the fertile ground for a program like this and it was sheer chance that Nintendo Games, the developer, was the first to jump at the opportunity.

Lesson Three: The old proverb early bird catches the worm still has a lot of life in it.

How Can Trends Change the Future of Business?

Pokemon Go proves businesses depend on four factors —the why, when, how and who, and it’s possible to leave your mark in the ever-changing trends business by simply asking the right questions.

It is necessary to understand that trend watching does not merely involve predicting the course of events. It involves analyses so that you can answer that one vital business question: what can my customers look forward to tomorrow?

Lesson Four: Prepare for the future, but live in the present. Use today’s available resources to create a promising tomorrow.

The world was ready for Pokemon Go. It was only the question of who would act first (why didn’t I think of it before!) in terms of rolling it out. Nintendo rose to the challenge and the result is an astounding success that sets the trend for similar games in the future.

Pokemon Go is not a child’s game after all. Not when you have an estimated (by SurveyMonkey) 21 million people using it daily. There are a few more cool things that you can use to make your business GO. Shoot us a Poke Ball or email, and let’s talk. We may even turn up with Pikachu!

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