Zero Day Alert (Microsoft Office Attachments)

Zero Day Alert (Microsoft Office Attachments)

There is a new Microsoft Word virus attachment currently with no fix available!  Shield Watch suggests you you don’t open any Office attachments even from known good senders unless you were specifically expecting something.  Of course DON’T EVER open file attachments from senders that you don’t know!

Worst part of this virus is upon opening the document, it starts going to work right away with no telltale signs of an infection at the user level regardless of your Antivirus or Windows version!

Please err on the side of caution when opening any attachments.  Unsure about an attachment contact the individual who sent it, contact your IT company and if you’ve never seen a notification like this from your IT company….then maybe it’s time to contact Shield Watch to see what other notifications you might be missing.


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Tom Perricone is the President of Shield Watch IT Services. He is an avid fan of all things tech related and when he’s not running the company he enjoys spending time with his 4 wonderful kiddos. Contact us today to see how we can help your small business tackle today’s toughest tech frustrations. Thank you!

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