Backup & Disaster Recovery A disaster must not shut you down!

Every small and medium sized business knows the pain of data loss.Events such as natural calamities, blackouts or rough weather occur regularly. However, this absolutely doesn’t mean that your business suffers for reasons that are not in your control!

Your data is your business… protecting it is ours.

If your company needs Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Online Backup, Hard Drive and Data Backup, Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Services, Computer Backup, Virtual Data Recovery, Hard Drive and File Data Recovery, Computer Recovery or Remote Data Backup, Shield Watch has an option for you and your business!

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Stability Concerns? Plan for the Worst!

According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93% of companies file for bankruptcy with a year of being stricken by a disaster and losing their data center for 10 days or more.

According to Mozy Backup, around 140,000 hard drives crash every week in the US.

According to Intronis, 34 percent of the IT Companies in the US fail to test their backups and the 77 percent who do, fail in restoring it.

How can Shield Watch Backup & Disaster Recovery Services Help?

Business Continuity

Our continuity strategy makes sure that you always have the right back up and the systems in place to ensure that your site is protected. We ensure that your business continuity is not hampered by disasters.

Planning & Prevention

Shield Watch designs customized systems for your business to help you address critical data protection issues. From individual file recovery due to accidental disasters, to recovery from core system failure – We make sure the recovery solution is tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

Backup & Recovery

For the disasters that strike, we make sure that you recover from it fast and restore service at the earliest. Our aim is to minimize downtime by ensuring pro-active recovery actions to provide your business the level of protection that it deserves.

Affordable Solutions

Our solutions come with a competitive price that fits your budget. Fast recovery of your most valued data and systems also ensure minimal downtime that in turn keeps your expenses down.

Back and Disaster Recovery Services to Help You Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Our back and disaster recovery services protects your system from unprecedented virus attacks and helps to reduce downtime. Our recovery team aims to provide you services across a range of platforms including mobile, web and cloud.

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Our Services Include

Complete Continuity

Image-based backup and cloud replication complete with multiple, granular recovery points for total server protection minimizing any downtime.

Redundancy Failover

It’s natural for a site to crash or a server to fail. But that shouldn’t stop you from running your business. Data loss can be critical if not recovered immediately. We back up your business data to the cloud, which makes it easier for us to access, recover and restore it. We also provide you with a test environment to further eliminate downtime.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Near-Instant Recovery

Complete with near-instant recovery from on-site server outages virtually eliminating expensive revenue killing downtime.

Secure Cloud Storage

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm is considered to be the gold standard in terms of encryption techniques. We use it to protect your data from theft.

24×7 Monitoring

We monitor your system 24×7. Our solution generates immediate alerts for failed processes and sends it to our team who are able to access it remotely and solve the issues immediately.

Affordable Cost

Complete backup and disaster recovery services at affordable SMB pricing with no hidden costs.


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It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and your wonderful staff, I can’t say enough how much we have appreciated your prompt and professional assistance over the years. It’s just been "the best"!" Karen Morrow of Medisafe America (General Manager)
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I’ve worked with Shield Watch to augment my in-house IT efforts, and they did a great job putting together a structure to work in, clarifying our areas of weakness and offering suggestions on how to address them. Like many other IT support folks, they have the required skills, but I’ve appreciated the relationship-focus that Tom and his team bring to the partnership. Chris Morgan Vice President, Sticky Jewelry
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The Shield Watch team has taken great care of us for many years! No matter the issue they are on top things quickly. Thank you for your support! Pat Brunette Parish Bookkeeper, Light of Christ Catholic Church
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We continue to value the high-quality services your firm is providing. Jim Kissane Special Projects Coordinator, St. Paul Catholic Church
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