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Why join Shield Watch

Why join Shield Watch?

We are looking for smart people to join our team of thinkers and go-getters. People, who dream of making an impact, work on challenging scopes, learn and collaborate with some of the world’s best businesses and professionals. Join Shield Watch if you dream of building from scratch – contribute directly to the growth and success of business ventures and help enterprises scale up through innovation. Why Join Us? -We let you work your way to make a difference -We grow as you grow -You can be a part of a diverse workforce -We have a clear vision that helps your career path.

How are we different

How are we different?

Shield Watch is a team of passionate techies who believe in team-work, integrity and accountability- the power of One Team. We sell solutions that our clients want to buy to grow their business and our team is proud to build. We are committed to the 3 guiding principles that help us serve our customers better- honesty, transparency and integrity. We, as a team, are driven by the competitive spirit of the industry. We believe that our success is intricately linked to the success of our clients and therefore, strive to design solutions that benefit them.

Work Culture at Shield Watch

Work Culture at Shield Watch

Shield Watch strives to create a work environment that focuses on individual growth and is committed to the success of each member of the Shield Watch family. We believe in doing things differently – together as a team – and that’s what makes building and selling so interesting. The Company is led by the brightest and best in the industry who believe in working for the customers’ success and create a vibrant culture that makes Shield Watch the best place to work for the millennials.

Annual Events at Shield Watch

Annual Events at Shield Watch

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ Shield Watch believes that a majority of the day for our employees is spent at work and it’s important that we offer them the right balance between a challenging career and a fun environment to work. Shield Watch organizes annual corporate events every year to offer our employees an opportunity to get together and socialize outside of work. From annual sports day to holiday parties, foundation day celebrations, corporate tours and annual health-checkups, we make sure that you put your best effort while we help you to do so!

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